Elytt Energy it is an innovative company, working in high technology projects, solving the needs of our clients, in the field of the energy and the particles accelerators.

The expertise of our technical staff, allow us to face high technology projects, with clients in the energy sector in leading areas as the atomic fusion, particle accelerators, and the production of energy from new sources.

The Engineering Unit is located in Madrid (calle Orense 11) and is constituted by engineers with large experience in the area of high technologies, and in particular in kinetic energy storage field and particle accelerator area. The media used for the realization of the projects are based essentially in finite element software and CAD software.

The Manufacturing Unit (Neureus Technologies) is located in Basque Country. This unit counts with high quality manufacturing media, producing high technology products, with high added value in precision and quality.

Elytt Energy is permanently looking for a fully close and transparent relationship with our clients, with the result of a highly satisfactory product.