Design & Manufacture Magnets for particle accelerators

  • Elytt Energy designs and manufactures resistive and superconducting electro­magnets for particle accelerators of all types. Manufactures other particle accelerator components, matching power supplies and also supplies for emerging applications, such as fusion research.
  • The company provides a complete electromagnetic engineering, design, manufacture, and test service. These capabilities are available either individually or as an integrated package, depending on customer requirements.
  • Providing design and engineering assistance to technology oriented customers for developing new projects and improving existing products.
  • Thanks to its experience and production capacity, Elytt Energy masters a wide range of most recent technologies needed for magnetic systems for particle accelerators


  • Designs standard and custom-built resistive magnets, reaching from small correctors to very large magnets 2D and 3D is used for magnetic field modeling.
  • We also designs the Cryogenics and vacuum chambers for our magnets.
  • Elytt designs and make safe and reliable superconducting magnets.
  • Elytt can make any design study or measurement of existing magnets


  • Our workshop have all manufacturing facilities necessary, winding machines, vacuum system, oven, inert gas oven and all measurement equipment.
  • To produce the components for fusion experiments or accelerators, or to enable their use, specialized tools or machines are very often required.
  • Elytt Energy offers complete magnet systems including vacuum chambers, supporting stands and matching power supplies.


  • Dipole magnets, Quadrupole magnets, Multipole magnets, Spectrometer systems, Kickers, Septums and Bumper magnets, Scanning magnets.
  • Warm, superconducting, and permanent magnets.
  • Also the following related services are available, Mechanical calculations, Beam optical calculations, Vacuum calculation and design, On-site Installation.


  • Manufacturing of 10 Toroidal Field Coils for ITER. 110 Tones each.
  • Design of a Superconducting European Dipole for ITER project developed by EFDA.
  • Design of MRID (Magnetic Residual Ion Dump) for the NBI (Neutral Beam Injector) for EFDA. ITER Project.
  • Design, manufacturing and test of septa magnets for CTF3 facility at CERN.
  • Design and manufacturing of 70 permanent magnet quadrupoles for CERN.
  • Design of a Superconducting Dipole & Comparison study between normal conducting and superconducting solutions for FAIR Project developed by GSI.
  • Design and manufacturing of a superconducting magnet module, Quadrapole & Dipole for the X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) at DESY.
  • Design & Manufacturing of Beam focusing solenoid & dipoles for new ISIS H- FETS.
    In Vacuum Undulator, ALBA Synchrotron.
  • Ion Source, ECR Source.
  • Design of a combined solenoid-steering dipole system for a Low Energy Beam.
  • Transport Line.
  • Extraction lines of the ESS-B proton linac.
  • Cold model of a double spoke resonator.
  • RF structures Design & Manufacturing & Integration.
  • Ion Torrent of Ultimate Reliability ITUR.
  • Permanent Magnet Quadrupole, magnet design and manufacturing.
  • Design of a bending dipole for EVEDA, The focusing is provided by two quadrupole triplets and a doublet.
  • Warm Dipole for Spectrograph CMAM.
  • Switching magnet design & manufacturing CMAM.
  • Window-Frame Warm Dipoles for Scanner CAN.
  • Design of transfer lines for Technofusión.
  • Design and manufacturing of focusing solenoids for very large Klystrons for CPI.