Mechanical Enginnering for ITER

ELYTT ENERGY, in Consortia with two companies, has been awarded by EFDA to carry out engineering jobs for ITER Fusion Reactor. The tasks that ELYTT will develop inside the signed framework contract are:

  • Toroidal Field (TF) Superconducting Coils
    • Assesment of the actual design
    • Global stress analysis model assessment
    • Manufacturing and assembly tooling design
    • Detailed planning and costing
    • Design and FEM modeling of an alternative coil option
    • NbTi Strand performance Assesment
    • Development of finite element submodels
  • Poloidal Field (PF) Superconducting Coils
    • Design and FEM modeling of alternative coil option with different strand type.
  • Pre-compression ring
    • Design of composite rings
    • FE analysis of precompression system
    • Fabrication tooling design