ELYTT ENERGY supply 8 superconducting quadrupoles for CIEMAT in IFMIF LIPAC project

Elytt award a contract to CIEMAT for the supply of the 8 sets of superconducting solenoids and their helium vessels and his current leads for IFMIF LIPAC project.

LIPAC is a linear accelerator that will generate, accelerate and transport the deuteron beam as a continuous wave. It will be located at JAEA´s installations in Rokkasho, Japan.

The last section of LIPAC is a Linac with superconducting radiofrequency technology, composed of eight niobium cavities with their corresponding solenoids to focus the beam, all housed in the same cryomodule and maintained at a temperature of 4.45 K by a bath of liquid helium. The cryomodule also includes helium conductions, instrumentation systems and thermal insulation.

Each device of the eight to be manufactured consists of a set of magnets (solenoids and correctors) and their corresponding sockets. The set of magnets includes two concentric solenoids as main magnets and beam focusing elements manufactured with NbTi superconducting cable, and two corrective dipoles, horizontal and vertical.