ELYTT design and manufacturing 16 superconducting solenoid packages for SARAF project

ELYTT is awarding a contract to CEA for designing and manufacturing 16 superconducting solenoid packages for SARAF project

The Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility (SARAF) will be a multi-user and versatile particle accelerator facility. It is based on a proton/deuteron RF superconducting linear accelerator, with variable energy (5-40 MeV) and a continuous wave (CW) high ion current (0.04-5 mA), and located at the Soreq Nuclear Research Center.

CEA is committed to delivering a Superconducting Linac (SCL) for the SARAF accelerator. The 20.1m long Superconducting Linac (SCL) includes 20 identical Solenoid Packages (SP).

Each of the solenoid packages includes a main solenoid for beam focusing purposes with two active shielding solenoids, a pair beam steerers (horizontal and vertical) and a machined body for the installation of a Beam-Position Monitor (BPM).

Soreq Nuclear Research Centre has initiated the installation of a new accelerator facility, SARAF (Soreq Applied Research Accelerator Facility). This facility will be used for basic, medical and biological research. Another major activity will be the development and production of radioisotopes. SARAF is designed as a continuous wave (CW), proton and deuteron accelerator based on superconducting RF cavity technology. The beam is focused through the superconducting solenoids located between cavities housing steering coils.