CMAM. Spectograph Dipole

ELYTT ENERGY has designed and manufactured a warm dipole magnet for the CMAM.

El Centro de Microanálisis de Materiales CMAM from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid is a research centre for ion beam techniques analysis in applied investigation field used in Environmental Sciences, Material Sciences… The main installation consist of a tandetron 5MeV accelerator with different experimental lines.

ELYTT ENERGY has designed and manufactured a warm dipole type H that is installed at the new experimental line for spectrography purposes.


ELYTT ENERGY has developed the following tasks:

  • Engineering/Conceptual design.
    • 2D and 3D FEM calculations and design for magnetic circuit (poles and yokes) and for the coils.
    • 2D and 3D FEM calculations and mechanic design for stress analysis, deformation analysis and it’s influence in the magnetic field quality.
    • Ray tracing for beam trajectory checking.
    • Coil cooling calculations.
    • Flux clamp calculations and design to reduce dispersed magnetic field.
    • Design and calculations of the vacuum chamber.
    • Magnet support frame calculations and design. 4 degree of freedom.
    • Power source specification.
  • Manufacturing.
    • Manufacturing design for the yokes, poles, coils, support frames, vacuum chamber.
    • Yoke, poles, coils, support frame manufacturing.
    • Yoke, poles, coils, support frame, vacuum chamber, power source, alignment system integration and final installation.