CERN. CTF3 Septa

ELYTT ENERGY has designed for CTF3 (Click Test Facility) at CERN two types of septa magnets.

The new CLIC Test Facility CTF3 , built at CERN by an international collaboration, aims at demonstrating the feasibility of the CLIC scheme of multi-TeV electron-positron linear collider by 2010.

It is meant to demonstrate the technical feasibility of the key concepts of the novel CLIC RF power source, e.g., generation of high-charge, high-frequency electron bunch trains by beam combination in a ring using transverse RF deflectors and operation with a fully-loaded drive-beam accelerator.

CTF3 will also be used to test CLIC critical components and in particular will provide the 30 GHz RF power needed to test the main beam accelerating structures at the nominal gradient and pulse length (150 MV/m for 70 ns).CTF3 is housed in the former LPI complex building.


ELYTT ENERGY developed the following works:

  • Magnetic Design.
    • 2D parametric FEM mechanical and magnetic design.
      • Geometry and material definition to minimize stray field and improve field homogeneity.
      • Coil shape selection and design.
      • Magnetic shield design.
      • Magnetic field saturation calculation.
      • Lorenz force calculation.
    • 3D parametric FEM mechanical and magnetic design.
      • Integrated magnetic field calculation.
      • Magnetic length calculation.
      • Lorenz force calculation in yoke and coils.
      • Coil end optimization.
      • Magnetic shield optimization.
  • Coil cooling calculation.
  • Hydraulic and electrical connection design.
  • Manufacturing.